Treasurer Leigh Gravestock
Financial reviewer Brian Patchett
Promotion of hobby / public relations / publicity Publicity sub-committee Leigh Gravestock (chair), Karen Jeffrey
Federation Newsletter Bob Gibson
Federation pages NZ Stamp Collector publicity sub-committee
Webmaster Bob Gibson
Education officer (currently vacant)
Holder of exhibit photocopies Secretary, Christchurch Philatelic Society
Federation display stands Leigh Gravestock, Bob Gibson, Sue Claridge
National relationships
Liaison with NZ Post Bob Gibson (Stephen Chivers as needed)
NZ Stamp Dealer’s Association Secretary
Youth / PYC liaison Karen Jeffrey
NZ National Philatelic Trust trustees Jenny Banfield, Lindsay Chitty
International relationships
Liaison with accord partners President
Liaison with FIAP, representative to FIAP Norman Banfield
Liaison with FIP – correspondence Secretary
Liaison with FIP – personal matters (judges, commissioners) President
Judging and exhibiting
Judges, judge qualifications, judging regulations / rules Norman Banfield
Co-ordinator NZPF Commissioner case Secretary
Maintain list of FIP qualifying exhibits Secretary
Maintain list of FIP qualifying youth exhibits Philatelic Youth Council
Training of judges and exhibitors Assoc of NZ Philatelic Judges
Federation awards
NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence Jenny Banfield (Convenor), Gerald Ellott, Jeff Long
Award of Honour, Award of Merit, Award for Service President , Secretary, Jenny Banfield
Youth Philatelist of the Year President, Youth/PYC liaison and NZ Post