The judging sheets contained in the attached PDF document are used at New Zealand National exhibitions held under the patronage of NZPF. Their use for other local or regional exhibitions or competitions is encouraged.

NOTE: these forms may be altered at any time. Download and use judging sheets only when required to ensure the most current versions are used.

NZPF judging sheets June 2016

Societies holding 4-page or 8-page philatelic competitions may find the ‘Adult Development 1-frame’ judging sheet most useful and this can obviously also be used for assessing a society One-frame competition.

For more ‘formal’ competitions including, for example, inter-clubs the standard ‘National One-frame’ judging sheet is probably best. In these cases it is very desirable for at least one member of the judging panel to be on the NZPF National register. Providing sufficient notice is provided a judge from the list should be able to assist. if you do not know of a judge near you contact the Association of NZ Philatelic Judges or

Each judging sheet has a blank area in the top left hand corner. This is to allow the name of the exhibition or competition to be inserted. If you are have difficulty doing this please feel free to contact who will be able to provide you with a file that may be more easily adapted for your purpose.