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An annual competition held in generally on a Saturday during April at the St. Johns Uniting Church Hall, Kamo Rd.

The competition is run by the Whangarei Philatelic Society and is open to any members of a New Zealand philatelic society or club.

Competitive Exhibition Classes and Rules


1 Traditional – all countries 8 or 16 pages
2 Postal History 8 or 16 pages
3 Thematic 8 or 16 pages
4 Open Philately 8 or 16 pages
5 Postcards 8 or 16 pages
6 Modern—1977 onwards: any country, any of the above classes 8 or 16 pages
7 Any other class not provided for above 8 or 16 pages
8 Youth  (No older than 18 on 1 May of the year before the competition) 8 or 16 pages


1. The exhibition shall be open to all individual members of any Philatelic Club or Society in New Zealand.
2. The Whangarei Philatelic Society Inc. will take all reasonable care, BUT SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE.
3. The system of judging will be the points system, using the appropriate NZPF One Frame judging sheets at Inter-club level.
4. The Judges reserve the right to move an entry to another class if they feel that it will receive a more appropriate medal level.
5. The Whangarei Philatelic Society Inc,. reserves the right to accept or decline any entries as they may decide without giving a reason.
6. All entry forms and entries are required on or before [date set for each competition]. To be covered by postal insurance, exhibits have to be sent “Signature required”