Philatelic books

A number of societies, in particular the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, the Air Mail Society of New Zealand and the Postal History Society of New Zealand, have a regular programme of publishing books. Contact details for these societies are:

  • Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, PO Box 1269, Wellington 6140 or check their website at
  • Air Mail Society of New Zealand, PO Box 29144, Fendalton, Christchurch 8540 or check their website at
  • Postal History Society of New Zealand, PO Box 99673, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Other societies, for example the North Shore Philatelic Society, Taranaki Philatelic Society, Southland Philatelic Society, have published books and often list them on their websites or on their page in the NZPF website.

Some dealers periodically publish books of general philatelic interest and details can be found on the NZSDA website at


A number of stamp dealers regularly publish catalogues of material they have to offer. These are not necessarily restricted to New Zealand stamps but these are, perhaps, the most well-known.

Check the NZSDA website at


Most societies produce newsletters for their members. While many can be of considerable interest to more than their members the more significant periodicals produced by societies are:

  • New Zealand Stamp Collector, the quarterly magazine of the Royal Philatelic Society of NZ and the official journal of the NZ Philatelic Federation. All affiliated societies of NZPF receive a copy of this journal. Contact details as above.
  • Mail Coach, the quarterly journal of the Postal History Society of New Zealand. Contact details as above.

Many dealers produce regular mail outs to their clients. Check the NZSDA website at .

Auction lists and sales

A number of societies offer members ‘circuit’ sales (where members offer material for sale to members) or have regular auctions at meetings or at intervals. Most, because of tax purposes, are limited to sale to members but a number do offer public sales. Check details at societies and clubs.

A number of dealers have regular auctions and collectors can request copies of auction catalogues. Check the NZSDA website at . Many dealers who hold regular sales provide copies of their auction catalogues to societies that are members of NZPF and these are available for perusal at the society meetings.

Stamp fairs and shows

Fewer stamp dealers now operate from permanent shops. Many provide a service to collectors through regular stamp fairs and shows held at a range of venues throughout New Zealand. Check the NZSDA website at or What’s on.

Philatelic libraries

The following societies have significant libraries of philatelic literature. In most cases access to the library is restricted to members only and would-be borrowers should make enquiries through the society secretary before requesting a book, seeking reference material or an answer to a question.

The library of the Manawatu Philatelic Society has specific interest as this is the repository of publications that are entered in the biennial Philatelic Literature exhibition. These holdings are available to any member of an affiliated NZPF society. A listing of the material can be found at Literature results.