NZPF Central Region established 1922


Leisure Centre, 569 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North 1st Wednesday monthly at 7:30pm. Visitors are always welcome. Please bring items of interest for display to each meeting

Calendar of events

January 2019

Jan 2 – Informal get together 'Rose & Crown'
Feb 6 – Michelle Paterson 'German Horticultural Exhibitions & Garden Shows'; 1-page 'Beneath the Waves'
Mar 6 – Graeme Russell 'Thematic Deviations from a Chemistry Display'; 1-page 'Space/Astronomy'
Apr 3 – Mini Auction; 1-page 'Humanity/Charity'
Apr 13 – Central Districts EXPO
May 1 – Simon Allison 'Views from NZ Post /new issues'; 1-page Politicians/Statesmen'; Pim Cup 16-page competition
Jun 5 – Colin Dyer 'Belgium During WWI'; 1-page 'Winter'

Club activities and services

EXPO (Convention) 2018

The 56th Annual Convention is to take place at the Leisure Centre, 569 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North on 14 April.


Members have access to New Zealand’s third largest philatelic library. Housed in the Manawatu Science Centre and Museum. All members are issued with library cards which must be worn whenever they wish to use the library.

National Philatelic Literature Exhibition Library Holding

Members of New Zealand philatelic societies have access to the material exhibited in the biennial literature exhibits held in Palmerston North until 2013. These publications are held as part of the Manawatu Philatelic Society’s library and information on who and how material can be borrowed should be addressed to the Librarian at the Society’s address.
Details of these holdings for each exhibition can be accessed at:


Annual Subscriptions are as follows:
Town members (24 km radius from city centre) $30.00
Country members $20.00
Reduced by $5 for those receiving newsletters electronically.