NZPF Southern Region established 1944


Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 4th Wednesday monthly at 7:30pm.
and thematic meetings are held at 7:30pm on 5th Wednesday when months have five Wednesdays.

Afternoon buy and swap meetings are held at 1:00pm on 1st Wed each month.

Calendar of events


Apr 24 – Club meeting NZSCC
May 22 – Club meeting NZSCC
May 29 – Club meeting NZSCC - extra
Jun 26 – Club meeting NZSCC
Jul 24 – Club meeting NZSCC
Jul 31 – Club meeting NZSCC - extra
Aug 28 – Club meeting NZSCC
Sep 25 – Club meeting NZSCC
Oct 23 – Club meeting NZSCC
Oct 30 – Club meeting NZSCC - extra

Club activities and services


Stamping Around, the clubs’ monthly newsletter, is posted to all members.

Stamp auctions

Stamp auctions are held three times a year in April, August and October.


Competitions range from annual competitive stamp displays to one page and sometimes treasure hunt type competitions.

Sales table

A sales table is operated at all meetings where members can buy or dispose their surplus stamps. A very nice selection of material is always on offer.

The club has an active exchange branch which enables members to purchase stamps in their own home.